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Mr. Royals & staff,
I would like to take this time to thank you for making my home buying experience a pleasure. Your friendly sales staff and finance department went above and beyond their call of duty to make sure my experience with Royals went as smoothly as possible. Your staff listened to my families wants and needs and sold me the house we wanted. Not a home they were just trying to sell. After my home was delivered and set-up. The Royals team continued to call and come by to make sure everything was ok. I can honestly say Royals stuck with me from start to finish and even after the sell.

Mike Ray & Family
Branford, Florida
When Jeremy and I started looking at manufactured homes to buy we wanted to make sure that we got the best possible deal for our money. After checking out what seemed to be every manufactured home dealership we were pleasantly surprised when we walked onto the Royals lot and instantly felt like family. The staff there were very knowledgeable about all the homes and their special attention to detail made their homes stand out above all the rest. Jeremy was actually out of town when the home was being delivered and the setup crew for Royals not only helped me pick the perfect spot to place our new home but they also came out and fixed any small problems I had. They made the whole process enjoyable and I would recommend them to anyone who is interested at purchasing a quality manufactured home.

After, shopping around at many other mobile home dealerships I found that no one was as straight forward and honest as the staff at Royals Mobile Homes. They were very helpful and did not sugarcoat anything they were very direct with me. From the time you walk into their doors they explain every detail of the home and are very willing to educate you on all the homes on their lot. They actually made the experience of purchasing my home enjoyable and I would recommend them to anyone who is in the market for a high quality mobile home.

Tim Herringshaw
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Royals

I would like to thank you for your help in the purchase of our new SE manufactured home. When I originally came to you the home that we wanted was unavailable, yet you found exactly what we wanted and had it delivered in a very timely manner.
The reason I am writing is to say thank you. My family and I are more content than we ever imagined in our new home and your staff played an enormous role in helping us to find it.
Sine our purchase, both you and the manufacturer have called us every month to check on us and make sure that we are happy with our home. I have never before experienced such awesome customer service. My wife and I will definitely be recommending your business to all of our friends when they are ready to buy a new home.

Yours Sincerely,
Danny Brown
Dear Eugene and Nancy,
Though we are friends, I am going to write this as if I am writing to Mr. and Mrs. Royals, of Royals Homes. You will see why later.
In my search for a manufactured home every dealer told us what great quality their homes were. But we would go through their homes, and open the doors to find inferior cabinets and doors. This made us wonder how the interior was built. Several salesman would call later. I took notes so I knew what they had told us. They seemed to forget what they had said and we would catch them in a lie. If you lie to me once, I never believe you after that!!!
One Sunday we stopped at Royals Homes to find it closed. We met a couple that had bought a home from Royals and was very happy with their home, and highly recommended Royals. They showed us the home they bought. We came back on Monday to see the inside. Royals had 3 different type homes. All good quality homes but we did not want the top one as it was more bells and whistles then we wanted.
The middle one was just right as everything was already added. No changes could be made, giving you a great value at a great price. The selections were ones I would have chosen so it was perfect for us. This is the one we chose. The quality was really good. Of course this is what the salesman was telling us. Even though all the salesman were Christian, we had met Mr. Royals, and we trusted this Christian man. J.L. is very good judge of character and I trust his judgment as he always seems to be right. Mr. Royals told us that we had chosen a quality home at a very good price. Mr. Royals brought Bo that would be setting up the home, to look at the lot to make sure this home would fit on the lot. Bo said it would be tight due to the shape of the lot and since it was a big home weighting about 50,000 pounds on each side. Bo is really good or his home would not be sitting here today. I think he had 6 inches to space on one end! Bo is amazing! Of course you were right there, I remember you laying on the ground helping. I was impressed that you were on the job and not in the office.
When we moved in we made a list of things to be done and the factory sent someone to fix these problems. What they did not fix to my satisfaction, Mr. Royals had someone come out and fix at his expense because he wanted his customers to be happy. I can assure you Mr. Royals has a happy customer in the home of J.L/ and Judy Clark. We continue to recommend Royals Homes to anyone that is looking for a home. We tell them, DON'T BUY A HOME UNTIL YOU GO TO ROYALS!

Judy Clark
When I was younger my parents always taught me that customer service is far more important than any product that a business has for sale. The Royals Homes family really knows how to make you feel important and appreciated, both before and after the sale. With such amazing customer service it is even more impressive that they sell such an excellent product.

When we were looking for our last home we shopped everywhere from Lake City, Live Oak and Gainesville to Valdosta. We couldn't find a home that met our budget and our needs while not compromising on the quality and structure of the home. A friend introduced us to the Royals family and we never looked back. Their ability to put you first, and make the purchase of a home fun, instead of frustrating, seems natural. We told them what we wanted and how much we wanted to spend and within very little time we were moved in and enjoying our new home. My parents were right, just the customer service alone sold me on doing business with Royals Homes and we have never met another home dealer that could compare.

The Hodson Family
On Sat. Jan 5th 2008 our home burnt down, losing everything. We were now faced with starting over, and at 49 years of age that is really scary.
Having known Mr. Eugene Royals and the reputation of Royals Homes my wife Wanda & I went directly to Mr. Royals. Unfortunately a lot of times we find that people are not what they seem, but we were truly blessed to find that Mr. Royals and his whole staff were at the top of their game and more than willing to work with us in acquiring a new home.
The service and timely manner of things being done has been awesome, our Horton modular is everything we were told it would be.
Speaking for the Green family you will not find anyone better than Royals Homes.

Earl, Wanda & Aaron Green
Dear Mr. Royals,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for making the recent purchase of my new home one of the most pleasant business experience's that I have ever been a part of.
YOu entire staff is very courteous and knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise. I quickly learned that you hold a very high standard of excellence for your employees and anyone who represents your company. Anytime I have contacted your business for service or with a simple question, someone always responded in a very timely manner, and you have followed up to assure that I was satisfied that the issue at hand was properly resolved.
I have and will continue to recommend you and the quality home that you offer to anyone who is looking for a new home.

Katherine Webb
Words Cannot Express...

Words cannot express how happy I am with the purchase of my new Southern Energy home. My wife and I have been very pleased. Our home is beautiful and very energy efficient. Our experience during the process of having our home built, set-up and delivered went just as you said it would. Your team did everything they said they would and then some. I would highly recommend Royals Homes to anyone looking to purchase a new home.

Thank you.

Melvin & Mary Mock
Fort White, Florida
Dear Royals Family,

I would like to thank you for the excellent service that I have received while purchasing my home from you. Everyone in your staff were very helpful from sales and service to delivery and setup. My Experience was perfect, and I will recommend you to anyone in the future who is looking for a home. Not only was the service and staff great, the home I purchased from you could not be any better. The home is so energy efficient I have actually had electric bills that are under $50.00 per month. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team.

Thank you.
Lanny Ross
We can't say enough about our experience at Royals Homes. From the very first time we walked in the office the Royals team made us feel like we were part of the family. No pressure sale. That set us at ease. They wanted to know our wants and needs. Mr. Royals and his staff did everything they said they would. It really means a lot when people hold up to their word. We were just blessed and very pleased with the entire process, from the service, price and even after the sale.
The Royals team was very timely and efficient with everything. After a few months in our home we called back and added our new front porch addition. And once again, they delivered, great service and satisfaction.

Thank you for everything.

Steve and Patricia Rowell
Live Oak, Florida
About 2 years ago, my wife and I started looking at building our retirement home on our property in Live Oak, FL. We shopped with builders all over the Lake City/Live Oak area. After a lot of comparisons in price and quality of the home, we decided on a modular home. We have passed by Royals Homes for years and about a year ago, we stopped to get brochures, prices and just find out the process of building a modular home. Jamey Howell explained the structure of the home, how it was built and the materials that went into the home. Little did we know that we would receive a welcome at Royals Homes like that of a family! Well, little did we know that before our home was finished, we would meet and deal with the entire Royals Homes family, Debbi, Phil, Bo Royals, and yes, even the owner, Eugene Royals himself. Royals Homes handled everything having to do with the building of our home, they were always prompt with everything, and every accommodating in every aspect of the building process. Our HOme was built with the utmost care and professionalism and we were not treated like business clients, but like family. If anyone wants what could be a very trying experience turned into a very enjoyable and painless experience, and at the same time make new friends, and maybe even acquire an extended family, we would recommend Royals Homes to anyone.

So, to the Royals Homes family, Thank you for making the building of our home a great experience.

Wayne and Sandy Smith
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