At Royals Homes we pride ourselves in having the best built homes for the best prices. We carry manufacturers with some of the highest quality and construction in the manufactured housing industry.

Anywhere from our 16” on center construction in the floors, walls, and ceilings of all our homes, to our highly efficient energy packages available with R-30 insulation in the ceilings, R-19 in the homes with 2”x6” side walls and the R-22 insulation in the floor.

Royals Homes has a highly advanced tech shield system available, which is a thermo shield barrier that cuts down on as much as 25% of your electric bill and keeps your attic temperature 30º cooler and, all this coupled together with tilt-in double thermo pane insulated windows throughout, provides you with energy savings that will save thousands throughout the life of your home.

Our sinks and one-piece tubs and showers are of the highest quality materials that prevent discoloration and cracking that may occur over time. Additionally, our one-piece rolled countertops help prevent water damage and swelling that occurs when seams are present.

Royals Homes carries top-quality lines from four manufacturers, giving you the variety and uniqueness that is all yours, making available to you bull-nosed tape and textured walls, hardwood floors, 8.5’ ceilings, and much, much more. One of our manufacturers offers hurricane modified Wind Zone III construction, standard for all their homes.

These features are important to you and your families, and will stand the test of time. These are only a few things that make Royals Homes stand a head above the rest, and all this has been made available to you, and at prices that you and your families can afford.

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